MELIRA is a Greek company with a three generations tradition and history in apiculture since 1935. Starting from the green Euboea and utilizing the family’s tradition expertise, we produce fine varietal honeys alongside a variety of products based on pure Greek honey.

Our valuable knowledge transferred from generation to generation, our experience of many years in honey production combined with our state of the art equipment, balances harmonically tradition with modern dietary needs and consumer requirements.

MELIRA specializes in the special blending of varietal honeys and bee products such as bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly, highlighting their diversity based on their natural origin as well as the one of a kind, Greek, pure characteristics.

In MELIRA we emphasize in Greek Pollen, the protein rich food that bees collect from flowers, and to its properties. Because of the biodiversity and the rare flowers of our land, Greek pollen is considered to be one of the world’s best, offering invaluable beneficial qualities to man.  

We specialize in Greek honey varieties that we blend with unique pollen varieties from fine flowers and the most valuable superfoods, longevity elixirs with beneficial properties and invaluable benefits for the reinforcement of the human organism.

Additionally, MELIRΑ produces natural organic cosmetics and specializes in traditional wax remedies that enclose the beneficial properties of honey, blended with organic olive oil, pure beeswax, propolis and fresh fragrant herbs of the Greek nature.

The MELIRA logo is the four drachma coin of Ephesos displaying the bee, that since the 4th century B.C. was worshiped as a god and apiculture was widespread through all the widths and lengths of the Greek world.