From Epirus to the Dodecanese and from Macedonia to the Cyclades, our beehives are transferred and located at the right season in specific places throughout Greece, bringing to your table the unique and fine Melira varietal honeys.

With perfumes deriving from the place and the earth where each plant grew, with unique and various qualities, full flavor, warm color and organoleptic characteristics, Melira honeys enclose the most valuable nutrients and natural scents, offering a one of a kind tasty experience with a rich, fine aftertaste.

Our beehives are transferred to the right place during the flowering seasons of each plant so that the bees can collect the nectar that will give the maximum of its qualities to the honey.
This is the way we produce the fine Melira varietal honeys, which enclose all the elements and properties of the plants or trees that we want in our honey, without any blending.
Anise, linden, sage, lemon blossom, orange, chestnut, wild oak, heather, thyme, tastefully imprint in the Melira honey all the colors and properties that nature provided, together with their perfumes and the aura of the earth they were born.